JHSC Certification In Ontario

pshsaWhat is PSHSA? PSHSA stands for Public Services Health and Safety Association located at the country of Canada. The PSHSA was founded by the Ontario Ministry of Labour. They also work with Ontario’s Public and Broader Public Sector employers and employees. They provide resources, consulting and training to reduce possibilities dangers at workplace and avoid occupational injuries and illnesses. The vision and mission of the Public Services Health and Safety Association focused on the safety and health of each worker. To create a safer environment in their workplace. This will be achieving by collaboration, innovation and knowledge transfer.

To be a good leader in health and safety you must be actively vision everything, can change for the best, take risks if you have to and be creative or resourceful. PSHSA also engaged, associating and sharing concepts to get other perspectives that will improve the capacity of success. The Public Services Health and Safety Association takes their responsibilities seriously. They are committed in everything they do and they also believe in recognizing, transparency and celebrating endeavors. They also valued differences and diversity because they have earned the trust and confidence of the stakeholders. Lastly, the Public Services Health and Safety Association always delivered high results in terms of the standards and goals they need to meet. They achieved this goal because of their good traits and attitudes. That is being in a constant improvement, persistence, proficient and professionalism.

The PSHSA can be found across Ontario. They can provide trainings that sooner or later can benefit your workplace. Upon completion of all the training, the Part 1 Part 2 and refresher training, the JHSC certification in Ontario will be given to all individuals who participated. Without the certification, there will be no proof of completion and you cannot perform your duties right. For more info regarding the training that the PSHSA provide, you can visit this link pshsa.ca.