Ways You Can Improve Your Small Business Website

In the early days of the internet, a few businesses decided to take advantage of this promising new communication forum by creating their own pages. These often had some contact information, a photo or two, and the hours of operation, but little else. However, as the internet quickly became a more integral part of everyone’s life, companies of all sizes realized just how incredibly important it is to have a robust internet presence.

Nowadays, it is pretty much inconceivable to have a business without a website. However, a lot of small business people could be doing a better job of using their sites to find and retain customers. Read the following suggestions and see if they could help make your site the most effective it can be:


No matter what you business does, start up a blog. You don’t have to put up something new several times a week, but adding fresh content regularly is important. It not only keeps visitors informed, but also helps to ensure that your site builds its search engine rankings. Still need convincing? Read this.

Contact Information

This is common to every site, right? Sure, most all sites have a Contact Us page, but some lack basic information like the company name or they contain careless errors (double and triple check this section). It is also wise to have your phone number visible at the top of every page. People are very impatient online; they want the information right there in front of them. Make sure that the link buttons (like Contact Us) are easy to spot and have the correct URL.


People watch a staggering amount of internet video each year, and much of it on their mobile devices. Having videos on your site is not only a good way to show off your products and location, but also to connect. Having your managers and staff appearing on camera and discussing the advantages of your service helps to make a connection with the viewer. You don’t need to hire a video production company for these, but make more of an effort than just shooting on some raw footage on your phone. Not doing a video properly can have a negative effect.